From class X onwards, students and their parents start thinking about career options and subjects to study in classes XI and XII. They have questions like:

  • Which careers would be best suited?
  • What subjects should be taken in classes XI and XII?
  • Should choice of careers be based on the subjects the student does well?
  • What if the performance is weak in subjects that need to be studied for the desired career?
  • What kind of support would help improve academic performance?
  • What extracurricular activities should be strengthened

Admizzionz Campuz® helps students address these questions and more with its StudentConnect™ service. StudentConnect™ is a personalised service for identifying a student’s career inclinations using a proven interest profiling tool and translating them into subject choices for classes XI and XII. This is done in consultation with their parents in sessions facilitated by Admizzionz Campuz® advisors in private sessions which are either face – to- face or over video conferencing.


StudentConnect™ leverages vocational psychology findings that students formulate general career goals during the ages 15 and 18 years. The interest profiling provides an easy to understand, interpret and plan framework for career planning and identifying education pathways that support the career choices. The education pathways outline the courses that need to be taken up for higher studies that will be advantageous in entering the career of choice. Based on this, students are guided in selection of subjects in classes XI and XII that are aligned with the courses for graduation.

During the course of providing the StudentConnect™ service Admizzionz Campuz® will undertake the following activities:

  • Administering the online interest profiling test to identify career options.
  • Capturing past and projected academic performance and extracurricular interests.
  • Conducting a private session with the student and parents/guardians to :
    • Analyse strengths and weaknesses of the student.
    • Detail out career options
    • Provide career directions
    • Work out the subject streams and combinations (School policy on subject allotment is also factored)
    • Recommend future course of action.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits
The advantages this service from Admizzionz CampuZ® brings are:

  • The interest profiling tool that will be used has been proven in India with over 1 lakh students having used it.
  • The tool has been designed and developed keeping the Indian students in mind.
  • The service focuses on realistic balancing of aspirations, potential, performance, educational opportunities and probability of career success.
  • There is a well defined and documented plan for:
    • Subject choices and education pathways that are aligned with career options
    • Additional support that needs to be provided
  • Expertise and knowledge in college admissions in India that Admizzionz Campuz has garnered is used to back guidance on education pathways.
  • The service is delivered by experienced counselors with over 200 person years of collective experience in the education sector

The benefits of StudentConnect™ are:

  • Selection of subjects for classes XI and XII is better aligned with higher studies and career choices.
  • There is better shared understanding of career and educational aspirations, choices and alternatives between students and their parents.
  • Insights are gained into strengths, abilities and potential that may have been missed out earlier.
  • Direction becomes available for motivating, channelling and directing the academic and extracurricular activities.
  • There is clarity on future actions and support to be provided regarding higher education.
  • Sensitisation of students to the impact of pursuing their interests seriously, on future careers takes place.
  • Qualities and abilities that will need developing for future success in education and career get discovered.
  • Better academic performance