Admizzionz Campuz® is a leading provider of career guidance and college admission assistance in India with offices in New Delhi and Chennai. It is the winner of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) “Grand Award – Most Innovative Startup” It was also conferred upon the awards for the “Best Service Startup” and the “Top 10 Promising Startups” by CII. In addition, It is the recipient of the National Education Excellence Award for the Best Career Counselling Platform 2015 from ASSOCHAM. It is also the recipient for the Brainfeed Innovative Education Award for the “Best Education Guidance Company”.

The Admizzionz Campuz® counsellors guide and support school and college students through the entire admission process for courses and colleges in India, right from shortlisting of courses and colleges to devising the admission plan to completing the admission formalities for a course and college that best matches the student’s performance, potential and preference as part of its AdmissionAssist™ service. Complete support is provided at each step of the admission process such as application form filling, preparing the documentation, planning for counselling etc. as part of this service which is backed up by a comprehensive and up-to-date database of most reliable information on courses and colleges in India.

The Admizzionz Campuz® counsellors also help students identify their career choices with the help of a professional interest profiling tool and guide them in determining their subjects of study at school and later higher education through its StudentConnect™ service.

Thus, it provides a complete solution to address the career and college admission guidance needs of students, be it at school or later at college. We have impacted more than 1,00,000 school and college students with our offerings.