Students face several challenges when it comes to planning their higher education.

First of all, in class X, they need to decide what they must study in classes XI and XII and later in college even if they are not clear of their career options. What is missed out is discovering their career interests and the needed realistic assessment of their competence and ability to cope with the chosen subjects.

Secondly, students need to be aware of various courses and colleges that meet their aspirations and competence and their admission processes. This information is not forthcoming easily and there is no publicly available single source of this information. Moreover, there are significant variations and changes in the admission processes for many courses and colleges almost every year, which need tracking.

Thirdly, students need to understand the terms and conditions of the admission process thoroughly to avoid any mistakes that may lead to denial of admission. They also need to be guided through the steps that need to be undertaken during the admission process such as form filling, organising documentation, undertaking admission counselling at the college/university etc.

This situation exposes them to 3 kinds of risks that need mitigation:

  • Choosing a career, they may regret later.
  • Selecting subjects and courses that they may find difficult to cope with.
  • Not seeking opportunities for admissions in good courses and colleges apart from the well known ones.

Admizzionz Campuz® helps students deal with these challenges and risks through professional career counselling using automated online tools based on established vocational psychology findings; and providing customised guidance and support in identifying courses and then in obtaining admission in a course and college that best matches the student’s preferences and performance in the qualifying examinations.

The aspect of its offerings that distinguishes Admizzionz Campuz® is its proprietary comprehensive database of most authentic and current information on careers, courses and colleges in India and their admission processes coupled with an intelligent admission alert system. This information is garnered by careful research by a dedicated team.