When is it a good time to start focusing on your board preparations?

In a couple of months from now the board exams would be starting. But the question is when should one start full time board exam preparation especially in the case of students who are undertaking coaching for engineering, medical and other entrance exams.
Because, there is very little time gap between the end of board exams and several engineering entrance exams such as JEE Mains, VITEEE and SRMEEE, the temptation among engineering aspirants is high to continue with coaching right till the end of January or even thereafter. The situation is no different for the medical aspirants who have to write NEET.
However, we think that the best time to stop focus on coaching and give whole hearted attention to preparing for the board exams is from December 15th. The most important reason for this is that the board exam performance is recognized all through out life and more importantly when one is applying for higher studies. For this reason, it is also important to score good marks in each and every subject one is studying. This needs the student to prepare well in each subject which takes significant time and effort.
Another important reason for devoting all of one’s time to board preparation from the 15th December is that school Board syllabus would have been completed by the school and the student is expected to be prepared with the entire year’s syllabus of each subject for the pre-board exams at the school scheduled mostly in January. And the pre-boards are important, because not only the school mandates it so, but also because it provides the much-needed diagnostics on how well the student understands each topic in the syllabus. Thus, once the assessment of student’s knowledge and understanding is in place, it is time to study more thoroughly and practice extensively to cover any gaps.
Therefore it is advisable to commit 100% time and effort to board preparations from 15th December itself so that the student can be thorough and fully prepared for the Board examinations.

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