As students move into their final years at school, they build dreams and aspirations about their future. They have many questions in their minds. Many of them are about what they would like to become and what jobs they would like to take up. Many are about the subjects they need to study at school and at the college. And many are about the colleges and universities where they want to and perhaps can pursue further education after completing school.

What makes it even more confusing for these young minds, is the contrast between the limited choices prescribed by their parents, friends and other role models; and the wide range of opportunities that exist and are emerging today. More often than not, it is due to differences in awareness about alternatives when it comes to careers, courses and colleges and the varied, frequently changing terms & conditions for gaining admission.

Admizzionz Campuz® believes that by addressing this difficult and often stressful situation for students, parents and schools it will bring in the needed career direction and focused effort on gaining college admission that will lead on to future success.

It therefore provides career and college admission guidance to students to assist them in seeking admission into courses and programs, in colleges and universities in India that match their potential, performance and preferences. For this purpose, Admizzionz Campuz® uses its own comprehensive database on institutions of formal and regular university programs that provide higher learning in India.

In addition, through the use of sophisticated tools Admizzionz Campuz® enables students to assess their career interests so that they can make right career choices.