“The session for class X gave an insight to the students to know their area of interest which is in alignment with their aptitude and skills which in tum is important in choosing the appropriate stream of course, for class XI and XII. With guidance from Admizzionz Campus for class XII students, it has been a great opportunity for them to explore multiple career option and in choosing courses after schooling according to their aptitude and interests. We appreciate the service provided to both the students and parents that helped to bring awareness in the trending phase. Admizzionz Campuz personnel are committed to answer questions with great patience and knowledge. The expertise they bring to the session is remarkable.”
Mita Venkatesh
Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Adyar, Chennai
“It  gives  me great  pleasure  to  place  on  record  my sincere  appreciation  for the career  and  college admissions guidance and  support services rendered by Admizzionz Campuz to students of The Sagar School for the last 3 years. Your information sessions  have been instrumental  in  making our students from  class IX to XII aware  of career opportunities including  new age  careers that exist in different domains and industry sectors and the education paths for making those careers. The one-to-one  counseling sessions with  the class  X students based on their career interest's assessment too have  been immensely  helpful  in  guiding them on making their career choices and  selecting their subjects  of study for classes   XI  and  XII  and  later graduation. And the personalized and extensive guidance and support to our class XII students in their college  admissions  have  been  contributing  to  their success  in  getting  college  admissions  that  best matched their academic and extra-curricular performance. But  among  all  these  achievements  one  thing  that  has  stood  out  as  far  as  Admizzionz  Campuz  is concerned  is  its  dedication  to each  student  and  willingness  to  go  beyond  the  contract  to  make a meaningful  contribution  to the school.  Your  people  have  been  available  at  all  times  and  even  come down to attend the PTMs at short notices”
Dr. Deepak Raj Singh Bisht,
The Sagar School, Alwar
“Your career counselling for class X students has been instrumental in helping them explore multiple career options that are in line with their interests. This has helped them in taking a more informed decision regarding the subjects of study in classes XI and XII. In addition a number of students from classes IX to XII have also benefited through the counselling sessions with your advisors. In these sessions students and their parents have had their queries regarding career choices and college admissions in India addressed to their utmost satisfaction
Sudha Sahay
Principal – Senior School
The Shri Ram School, Aravali, Gurgaon
“Your counsellors have been instrumental in guiding our students in their college admissions successfully. They were there for our students throughout the entire college admissions process as a guiding light and a pillar of support specially when the going became tough and maturely helped the students and parents deal with their anxiety. Thanks to their guidance, many of our students have got admissions into courses of their choice at well known colleges across India. We have really been impressed by the extent and appropriateness of the information on courses and colleges they have used to guide our students”
 Ashok Wasu
Summer Valley School Dehradun
“We would like to place on record our appreciation for the college admission guidance and support you have been providing to children of the SOS Villages for the past 3 years. Your services have been instrumental in helping our children gain admissions into courses and colleges in India based on their academic abilities. Your organisation’s deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the Indian higher education system has ensured that our children get the best options and are admitted into fully compliant institutions.”
 Anuja Bansal
Secretary General
SOS Children’s Villages, New Delhi
“Your career counselling for class X students has been instrumental in helping them map their aptitude and interests. This mapping and timely intervention has helped in providing the right guidance and stream for their future studies. All this timely help and timely intervention has helped them in taking a more informed and mature decision regarding the choice of subjects of study in classes XI and XII. Also many students and parents from classes XI and XII have been benefitted through college admission assistance provided by your counsellors. This service has helped our students and their parents to make a smooth transition into courses and colleges in India matching their profile. The guidance and information provided by your team has always been timely and professional.”
Harish Sanduja
SAI International School,Bhubaneswar
“It was not very long ago that we met for the first time to discuss the various options and avenues that students completing the XII Board exams are aware of, rather unaware of! That’s when Admizzionz Campuz came into our lives with our first batch of Std XII students. The bond has only got straonger every year since then. From getting the students to know their preferences, to helping them prepare for admissions to helping them get admissions, your organization has been with us these past 4 years. Many a student and parent have thanked you profusely for the help rendered. We know of cases where the child who had taken up science stream with Biology is today happy doing the 5 year integrated course in Humanities in the IIT Chennai. The other of another who after slogging it out for 2 years in the science group is today the happiest in fashion technology.”
Sita Umamaheswaran
The PSBB Millennium School, Chennai