There are 864 universities and 40,026 colleges in India offering more than 600 courses. About two thirds of them have come up in the last decade. What does this mean for a student today?
It means the student has far greater choice in terms of courses and colleges that any time before. What it also means is that in most cases the curriculum is modern and suits contemporary needs. But since most of the courses and colleges are new, students are not aware of them.
So what students tend to do is to go after the well established well known courses and colleges when they want a college admission where the competition is tough. And when they don’t get admission into these well-known courses and colleges, they panic and take up just about any course and college. They thereby miss out on opportunities for a college admission that would have best suited their preferences and performance in qualifying exams.
Admizzionz Campuz, helps students understand the opportunities that they have, given their performance, potential and preferences and then seek admission into courses and colleges that are best matched. Complete guidance and support is provided throughout the complete college admission process to ensure that all deadlines are met and there are no mistakes in following the process.
In this section we have covered some of courses that are in demand among the students. For more details on these and other courses or how to get admission into them, do get in touch with your nearest Admizzionz Campuz office in New Delhi at 011-49794444 or Chennai at 044 -42310029 or send us an email at