As consumers we all want to own products that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and provide comfort and utility. That is the focus of design and makes it important for the development of every product, solution or technology. The evolving needs of consumers in the recent years has led to a great emphasis on quality designs. Be it designing buildings and their interiors, clothes and accessories, cars and mobiles or even websites, design plays a pivotal role in almost every aspect of our lives.

The design industry is very particular in terms of education. Different designing activities may require different educational qualifications. However, most design approaches and processes overlap and hence, design students can contribute in various areas other to their field of specialisation too. It can be convincingly stated that design graduates or students can virtually find career opportunity in every industry. Be it clothing design, graphic design, product design, designers are needed everywhere and their work is evident all around us.

The design specialty a student chooses during his or her design education decides the field he or she will be working in. Some designers specialize working in highly technical domains like aircrafts and automobiles design. Some designers work in clothing or graphic design, where color forms and their arrangements are more important.

Students wanting to pursue design education should possess basic artistic talent, an ability to understand the practical needs of the market they’re addressing and an ability to communicate with their clients effectively. Designers are expected to be high on ideas, innovation and originality.

There are various reputed design institutes in India that award a bachelor’s and master’s degree in designing. Some of the specializations awarded in design schools are interior design, product and industrial design, textile design, apparel and accessories design, web design, communication design, etc.

To enter the design industry, students need to be aware of their aptitude and must take tests or exams specifically conducted for admissions to design colleges. The aptitude tests test a candidates creativity, imagination and visualisation in designing. A flair for arts and creativity is essential to stay motivated and passionate about this field.

Before choosing a career, it is essential for students to assess their aptitude and understand their personality to choose a good career option. Expert counseling can play a major role in this process and help students take a wise career decision.

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