Human beings have a natural urge to travel and explore new destinations. Since time immemorial, people have traveled all across the globe to seek adventure, education, knowledge and entertainment. Travel and tourism also form a major part of a nation’s economy. It provides employment opportunities to millions of through collaboration with industries like hospitality, financial services and healthcare. Besides being economically valuable, the travel and tourism industry also plays a key role in preserving and increasing popularity of a country’s social and cultural traditions. It has the potential to uplift poverty in destinations where there is no other mode of income for the region.

In this industry, the work is essentially related to providing services to people who travel to a destination or are away from their homes. The work may include arranging and providing transportation, accommodation, food and sight-seeing options for travelers or explorers. In the recent years, tourism has evolved from its traditional mode, which was limited to traveling only during for holidays or vacationing purpose. Today, it has specialized into numerous categories like cultural tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism, leisure tourism, education tourism, medical tourism and eco-tourism.

In India, tourism has emerged as a great career option, thanks to the growing popularity of India as a tourist, destination. Currently, India witnesses more than 5.5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and 740 million domestic tourism visits every year. Also, as per a research by World Travel and Tourism reports, India is now emerging as the 2nd most rapidly growing (8.8%) tourism economy in the world. Such a rapid growth of the travel and tourism industry in India has increased employment opportunities for graduates who have successfully completed formal education in travel and tourism. There are plenty of job opportunities in both the public and private sector. From privately owned travel agencies and tour operators, to reputed departments state and central governments responsible for the tourism sector, graduates can find many bright career opportunities.

Students of any subject stream who are interested in knowing and understanding about different cultures and places can opt for a career in travel and tourism. A deep driving desire to learn and interact with other people and explore the world is essential to enjoy a career in this field. While curiosity to travel and explore is essential, both aptitude and attitude is essential to make a mark in this field.

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