The media and communication industry plays a vital role in the dissemination of information to masses or groups of people through newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet and other media. By empowering, educating and entertaining the public mass media has been instrumental in creating awareness of diverse political, economic, cultural, social and governance issues and fostering change.

The liberalization of the media industry in India has led to a large number of radio and TV channels in addition to the numerous newspapers and magazines that offer employment opportunities in journalism and entertainment. Technology advances and innovation in using internet and mobile telephony too has contributed to this growth specially by providing the platform for social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

According to FICCI-KPMG report, the Indian Media & Entertainment industry is expected to grow at 14 % p.a. to touch INR 1275 billion by 2015. This promises tremendous possibilities and a wide range of career opportunities for students who’re willing to make a career in this field. Careers can be made in creative areas such as TV serial and entertainment show production; journalism such as news reporting and analysis and management of operations.

To make a career in the media industry, students need to have a creative bent of mind, excellent written and oral communication skills besides a deep interest in current events and general awareness of various issues around them. Media and mass communication students also need to have good social skills as networking and contacts matter to a great extent. Students must remember that personality, mindset, energy, attitude and ability to use the modern methods of communication such as internet play a crucial role in chalking out a successful career in the media industry.

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