Rules of behavior and engagement are critical to the functioning of societies, governance of a nation and dealings of one nation with other nations. These rules when formalized by the appropriate legislative authority become the laws. These laws may be applicable for all the citizens of the nation, or just the residents of a part of that nation such as a state, city, or locality. These laws need to be enforced and whenever there is breach or conflict they provide the basis for adjudication.

A number of different entities including the parliament, state assemblies, municipalities, government departments, police and the judiciary are involved with the establishment, implementation, enforcement and ensuring justice within the legal framework. People who work with these entities therefore need to know the applicable laws and interpret them for effectively discharging their duties. However, one set of professionals are critical to the effective functioning of the legal system. These are the lawyers or advocates who represent their clients in front of an adjudicating officer and argue their case so that justice is done.

For the law students, one of the most conventional routes is to become a practicing lawyer. A lawyer can practice law in a court on his own once he or she is registered with the Bar Council of India. In India, the Advocates Act, 1961 governs the practice of law by the lawyers and the Bar Council of India frames the rules of conduct for the lawyers.

Lawyers can be specialists in a particular field of law or take up cases across many fields. For example, in recent times, there’s a new platform for the law students- an interesting and a high growth career option of becoming counsels to corporate houses. Similarly, with the increasing need for lawyers, there has been a lot of demand for law education which has increased the opportunities for law students taking up teaching as a career too. These are in addition to the criminal lawyers and civil lawyers that we all know about.

Hence, the career options in the field of law have immense potential to take intellectual, hard working and ambitious students of law to great heights. All they need is right guidance as to how to go about pursuing law to build a successful career.

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