Animation is a rapid display of 2D or 3D artworks and models which create an illusion of movement. The characters are made to dance, move, jump, sing, hit, fall and do all kinds of movements. It is very much different from cartooning, where images, sketches or drawings are static. Animation thus is the art and science of breathing life into characters. Earlier sequencing of movement was done through handmade drawings which were used in movies of the 20th century. However, today, animations are made using advanced computer based technologies which help develop the character and sequencing their movement.

The popularity of animations in today’s world has grown far and wide. They are now an integral part of education, commercials, websites, movies, games and other forms of entertainment. However it is the popularity of animation in gaming and entertainment industry that has given rise to a multi-billion dollar animation industry. Generally, a single animation movie requires more than 500 animators and these scales of work by animators are resulting in huge career opportunities in the industry.

The Indian animation industry has tremendous potential in terms of business and revenue. Every year, hundreds of thousands of animation projects are outsourced to India by renowned companies like Walt Disney and Pixar.

As per a research, there are nearly 300 animation companies in India employing more than 30,000 people. The industry also offers lucrative earning opportunities to thousands of freelance animators too. As per reports by top global consulting firms, the animation industry is relatively young in India with people mostly in the age-group of 25-32. The boom in the entertainment and gaming industry has created a large number of job opportunities in the animation industry for aspiring youth who want to make a career in this field.

Students of diploma and degree courses in animation can find a number of employment opportunities in various industries like movies, gaming, advertising, education, digital publishing, and other industries where dynamic models and characters can be used to explain a story, process or event.

Job prospects for animators are consistently improving in India as different industries have shown significant interest in using animation. India is also being preferred as a top outsourcing destinations for animations. The global animation industry is also viewing India as a potential market for their products.

Students who want to pursue a successful career in animation must have basic skills in computer graphics, multimedia development and animation softwares. While a degree or diploma is not mandatory to learn animation, it certainly helps to earn the right degree or diploma to master the technical skills of animation. Curious, creative and tech-savvy students can surely explore the animation field to see if that is their calling. But career decisions are always difficult. Students need to make right choices at the right time to ensure they make the most of their opportunities.

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