Language is one of the most powerful tools to express oneself and understand others in one’s own nation, or community and also those of others. Every country has at least one official language and may have other recognized languages. In a multilingual country like India, the official language of the government of India is Hindi, and there are 21 recognised languages among which some are used for official work by the state governments. English is widely used across the country as a common language for official work across the country as many states don’t want to use Hindi as the official language.

The phenomena of globalization has created a huge demand for skilled multilingual professionals. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with good proficiency in languages other than English, both regional and international. An additional language not only comes handy for students who’re aiming to study abroad but also adds more value to an individual’s resume. According to experts, to be successful in the global context learning a foreign language is just one part. Student also need to be familiar with the culture of the country where that language is used. This comprehensive approach to language learning is increasingly being adopted.

Learning a foreign language boosts chances of employment as language experts in multinational companies. For instance, students proficient in German can find many opportunities in various roles in renowned companies from Germany like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Bosch, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank etc. An individual who has mastered a language can also find employment opportunities in diplomatic services, education sector, media and publishing industry, the tourism industry, airlines, and hotels chains . Even international organizations like United Nations agencies, global financial institutions and international NGOs hire language experts.

Language experts can also work as free lance interpreters and translators. Students who’re interested in learning foreign and regional languages can take up certificate courses or degrees. Typically certificate courses focus only on the language while degree program are more holistic and go deeper into literature, culture and social aspects of countries where that language is used. Certificate courses are available at universities, private institutes and cultural centres of countries and usually have several levels of proficiency. The eligibility criteria to learn any language is generally dependent on the type of course.

Since learning a new language is very challenging, it is important for students to have tons of patience, a passion to learn the new language and a keen interest in know more about the country or region where the language is used. The decision to choose a language to learn a new language should be based on the potential career opportunities it provides and interest of the candidate. This has to be an informed decision where the student needs to be aware of all pros and cons of the choice. An expert career counsellor can help in this process.

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