Fine arts refers to art forms that are primarily visual in nature and have imaginative, aesthetic or intellectual content. Fine arts traditionally included fields like painting, sculpture etc and in recent times has also included photography and handicrafts. Performing Arts on the other hand are concerned with music, dance, theater and mime etc.

Fine and performing arts are best suited to students who have a flair for literature, dance, music, theater, photography etc and are keen to pursue them seriously. The study of fine and performing arts at the UG level is a structured intervention to shape and provide strong platform for the students to realise their passion for these arts by sharpening their artistic skills and broadening their theoretical base.

The study of fine and performing arts provides insights into the evolution of cultures. It seeks to explain how artists and their work conveyed major events, cultures and way of life from their times. It thus promotes the understanding of meaningfulness in different streams of art, that existed in different times. Study of fine and performing arts also focuses on analysing the techniques and concepts that artists from ages devised for presenting their ideas.

Apart from the analysis of art forms and their context fine and performing programs also help students acquire creative skills needed to create and represent their own work of art and performances. While fine arts graduates are expected to present their skills by creating a portfolio of work they have done during their course those in performing arts have to give several guided and independent performances.

Upon finishing graduation fine arts students find work opportunities in the artistic part of publishing, advertising, multi-media and website development. They can also take up teaching assignments or work with art galleries and other organizations involved with the promotion and marketing of arts and crafts. Performing arts graduates find opportunities to work with theatre groups, dance troupes and musical ensembles. Gradually by participating in live events, TV shows and films they start getting recognition and go on to become actors, directors, choreographers, DJs, music directors etc. After gaining experience and recognition many artists take up producing and marketing their own work.

To pursue a career in fine and performing arts students need to undergo formal training which can be right from school level or as part of graduation. Usually while at school, students enroll with arts and dance academies run by trained or eminent artists. Those with real passion for the artistic fields also take up painting, music or dance as a formal subject at the school level itself. At the graduation level, students take up degree courses such as Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) and Bachelor of Dance (B.Dance). Apart from formal training those aspiring for a career in arts need to have a creative bent of mind, patience, eye for detail and willingness to put in long hours of practice. Even then success does not come easy and so an education in arts has to be chosen carefully. This is best done in consultation with professional career counselors.

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