Rehabilitation emerged as a popular health care specialty after the incident of World War-2 when a large number of soldiers and people were left amputated or physically injured in some or the other way. Since then, it has gained international recognition in every country and is now taught in various universities globally. Rehabilitation deals with enabling and empowering the people who’re physically or mentally challenged. A rehabilitation professional diagnoses, evaluates, treats and rehabilitates people from temporary or permanent disability, addictions or mental trauma. Rehabilitation education is vital component of modern day society because there is an increasing need of health care professionals who have expertise to help the mentally or physically challenged people and ensure such people can be an integral part of our mainstream society.

In India and abroad, there are bright career opportunities in the field of rehabilitation. Students can go in for diploma or certifications or degrees in various fields of rehabilitation. A number of specialisations are possible including Mobility Science, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Blindness, Speech Therapy, Mental Retardation, Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Rehabilitation Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psycho-Social Rehabilitation. Students can then make a career in agencies like private non-profit rehabilitation centers, mental health agencies, public welfare agencies, social service agencies, schools and NGOs. The Indian government has also taken initiatives to encourage and promote rehabilitation education in India. A large number of institutions are now providing bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral degrees in rehabilitation. A career in rehabilitation can also be pursued by those pursuing education in sociology and psychology.

Students who’re willing to pursue careers in rehabilitation must have compassion and empathy for people who are challenged in some way or the other and patience to work with them. In addition they need to be good communicators with an analytical and problem solving orientation. They also need to keep themselves updated regarding the latest advancement in supporting aids , devices and equipments apart from the rehabilitation methods and techniques.

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