Medical Laboratory Technology involves study of clinical laboratory tests and their procedures to detect the presence of diseases in human body. Medical laboratory technologists work at hospitals, clinics and independent medical laboratories to help doctors in diagnosing and treating diseases. They collect samples of blood, body fluids, tissues and other substances from the human body and use microscopes, chemicals, biological cultures and advanced instrumentation to identify the state of the human body in terms of vital parameters such as amount of cholesterol or haemoglobin and also the presence of diseases and infections.

There are tremendous career opportunities for aspiring clinical laboratory technicians as the demand for skilled professionals in this field has increased over a period of time. With the increase in number of hospitals, nursing homes and multi-speciality clinics in India, the demand for skilled medical laboratory technologists has seen a tremendous growth. As a result professionals in this field can find work in various private and public healthcare institutions. They can also start their own testing and diagnostics centres.

In India, there are three different courses offered in Laboratory Technology namely; Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT), Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) and M.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology. These programmes are regulated by the All India Institute of Medial Technologists and All India Medical laboratory Technologists Association. In the graduation programmee, students are taught about human anatomy and physiology and trained in the different practices followed in clinical laboratory which include analysis of blood, body fluids and tissues, use of instrumentation, cultivation of cultures etc. The diploma programmes only focus on training the student in a specific practice.

Students who’re aiming to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) should have a 10+2 or equivalent degree with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. An interest in the functioning of the human body, diseases that affect it and their diagnosis using medical laboratory technologies with good communication skills and an eye for detail are some key attributes students must develop for a successful career in this field.

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