The challenge most school students usually have is that they are not aware of the career possibilities that exist and likely to come up in the future that could leverage their interests and potential, both academic and extracurricular. Even if they have some idea about what they would want to become, they don’t know about the different courses and degrees that they can do after they complete schooling that would still lead them to their career of interest. And when it comes to relating all the options for courses and careers with the subjects they could study in classes XI and XII they are often totally confused. As a result, they either take up subjects as per the expectations of others or go by what their friends are doing. What gets missed out are the interests and the potential to cope with the chosen subjects at the level of coverage, depth, and difficulty that comes in classes XI and XII.

It therefore becomes important that the students are guided in selecting educational streams and career options at the school, that would lead them on to future success. Admizzionz Campuz® supports schools in meeting this objective through its StudentConnect™ career counselling services for students of class X at the school.

As part of the StudentConnect™ service, Admizzionz Campuz® first conducts a career interest profiling of the students. Once the profiling is done, the results are compiled and private one-on-one career guidance and subject choice sessions with each student and respective parents with Admizzionz Campuz’s team of counsellors are scheduled shortly thereafter.

In these sessions, the counsellors use the findings of the interest profiling to also guide students on the subject streams and combinations that they can pursue in classes XI and XII. The service involves undertaking the following activities:

  • Administering the interest profiling to identify career options. This is a computer based test and can be administered at the school or undertaken online.
  • Capturing past and projected academic performance and extracurricular interests.
  • Conducting a private session with the student and parents/guardians one-on-one to:
    • Analyse strengths and weaknesses of the student.
    • Detail out career options
    • Provide career direction
    • Work out the subject streams and combinations (School policy on subject allotment is also factored)
    • Recommend future course of action.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits
The advantages this service from Admizzionz CampuZ® will bring to the school are:

  • The interest profiling tool that will be used has been proven in India with over 1 lakh students having used it.
  • The tool has been designed and developed keeping the Indian students in mind.
  • The service focuses on realistic balancing of aspirations, potential, performance, educational opportunities and probability of career success.
  • There is a well defined and documented plan for:
    • Subject choices and education pathways that are aligned with career options
    • Additional support that needs to be provided
  • Expertise and knowledge in college admissions in India that Admizzionz Campuz® has garnered is used to back guidance on education pathways.
  • The service is delivered by experienced counselors with over 200 person years of collective experience in the education sector

The benefits of that will accrue to the class X students from the above services are:

  • Students will be able to relate to the real world value of the subjects they are studying.
  • Selection of subjects for classes XI and XII is better aligned with higher studies and career choices.
  • Students will become more aware of emerging career opportunities.
  • There is better shared understanding of career and educational aspirations, choices and alternatives between students and their parents.
  • Insights are gained into strengths, abilities and potential that may have been missed out earlier.
  • Direction becomes available for motivating, channelling and directing the academic and extracurricular activities.
  • There is clarity on future actions and support to be provided regarding higher education.
  • Sensitisation of students to the impact of pursuing their interests seriously, on future careers takes place.
  • Qualities and abilities that will need developing for future success in education and career get discovered.
  • Better academic performance