Infoboard™ is a service for schools that enables them to display information on careers and college admissions to its students. Bright and informative posters detailing career options, colleges of study and entrance exams are put up by AdmizzionzCampuz® on a notice board given by the school for this purpose. Also displayed are the alerts announcing information on the college admission processes, due dates etc. The display is managed by AdmizzionzCampuz® on behalf of the school and information is regularly updated.

The benefits of this service are:

  • Students get high quality summarised information about the various careers that they can pursue.
  • Knowledge about the colleges where a particular subject can be studied gets obtained.
  • Information about various entrance exams and their patterns become readily available.
  • Students will become aware of important dates regarding the application processes and entrance examinations of various courses and colleges well in advance.
  • Students will not miss out any important deadlines.