More than 600 courses in over 864 universities and 40,026 colleges in India offer all the students mentioned above, a large number of options of courses and colleges for doing graduation once they finish class XII. However, there are several new programs being launched and changes that are being brought about in the college admission processes both by the government and the universities frequently. Some of them are already under implementation. This is in addition to the many complexities and issues already posed by the variations in the admission processes acrosscolleges and universities in India. This results in significant challenges that all students face when they seek college admissions.

It therefore becomes important that the students are provided guidance and support in choosing the right courses and colleges, and following the process to gain admission in the one that best matches their performance, potential and preferences. Schools that help students make this transition from school to college add significant value to their students and differentiate themselves. Admizzionz Campuz® supports schools in this endeavor with its AdmissionAssist™ college admissions guidance and support service.

AdmissionAssist™ involves:


  • Conducting a private session with the student, and preferably the parents/guardians to:
    • Obtain information on past and expected academic performance and other critical information like category for affirmative action benefits etc. which might be critical for their obtaining scholarships and college admission.
    • Share expectations of colleges in terms of performance in board exams, entrance tests, interviews, sports and extracurricular activities
    • Match student’s profile with the college’s expectations to create a shortlist of colleges that the student can target.
  • Tracking all admission/scholarship related milestones and keeping the student informed about:
    • Application Forms Issue & Submission Dates
    • Entrance exam dates
    • Counselling dates
  • Advising the student who is eligible for quota benefits/preferential admission under affirmative action policies of the government or the institution, in preparing the applicable documentation.
  • Guiding the student through the admission counselling process wherever such process is part of the college’s admission process.
  • Providing information to the student on scholarships that can be availed and advising him or her through the scholarship process.
  • Keeping track of the admission process till the student gets admission in one or more of the shortlisted colleges.

For the purpose of providing this service, the prioritising and shortlisting of colleges will be done in the three categories described ahead:

  • Aspirational: Colleges where admission may happen with a stretch in performance by the student.
  • Realistic: Colleges whose admission criteria match the student profiles and the probability of getting admission is realistically high.
  • Contingent: In the event that admission does not happen in the above category of colleges, the shortlist in this category will be of colleges where the probability of getting admission will be almost certain.

As part of AdmissionsAssist™, the first step is to have a private session with the student and parents to capture the student’s academic and co-curricular performance and course preferences. In this session, assessment is also made of the student’s expected performance in the qualifying exams that form the basis of admissions into the desired courses. Based on this, a shortlist of courses and colleges is made which is unique to that student. Subsequently, the student is guided and supported in following the admission processes of the shortlisted courses and colleges on an ongoing basis till admission is obtained in one or more courses and colleges. This includes sending alerts on the important milestones of the admissions process, due diligence of the application forms and accompanying documentation and guidance on completing the admission formalities.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits
The advantages that Admizzionz Campuz® will bring to the student and parent with its AdmissionsAssist™ service include:

  • The service provides a single source of reliable and comprehensive information on careers, courses and colleges.
  • The changes in admission criteria, terms and conditions are closely tracked by experienced experts
  • Short-listing of colleges utilises deeper knowledge about them and the quality of education they provide.
  • Solutions keep not just cost of education in mind but also employability.
  • Admizzionz Campuz® is the only organisation in India providing college admission guidance and support

The benefits of AdmissionAssist™ are:

  • Increased awareness of opportunities and higher education alternatives for chosen careers.
  • Objective counselling on options for college admissions after class XII based on career choices.
  • Opportunity to evaluate courses and colleges hitherto unknown to students and parents.
  • Greater focus on making needed effort in academics, project/portfolio preparation and self-development to meet entry criteria of colleges.
  • Early clarity for taking needed coaching and prepare for relevant entrance exams from class XI itself or in summer holidays.
  • Basis for planning finances well in advance to meet coaching and college admission costs and higher education expenses.
  • A sense of purpose leading to higher motivation and competitiveness.
  • Lower stress and anxiety as higher education alternatives and backups for desired careers are evaluated and planned for.
  • Professional advice to make informed Career and College Admission related decisions.
  • Short list of colleges from the entire spectrum of 40000 + colleges across the country instead what is just commonly known or heard of or the obvious ones.
  • Savings resulting from not buying unnecessary prospectus/information brochures and/or applying to unnecessary entrance examinations /colleges.
  • Basis for planning finances well in advance for supporting the student through higher education.
  • Assurance of adherence to the complete admission processes.
  • Minimised chances of rejection because of erroneous applications
  • Increased certainty of college admission.