Refer a Friend

Choosing the right Course College and Career is the first step towards a successful happy future. It has been our privilege to guide you towards the same this festive season, we would like each one of you to spread this goodness amongst your friends and relatives by recommending Admizzionz Campuz® services to them.
Every good deed deserves another, hence for every friend you refer who enrolls with us for AdmissionAssist™ college admission guidance and support service, we’d like to say thank you with an Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 1000*. If they register for StudentConnect™ career guidance service, we say thank you with an Amazon Gift voucher worth Rs. 500*. So, hurry and refer your friends and relatives today.

Referral Program: How it works?


  1. If you want to refer anyone, please click on Refer Now link given below and fill up the form.
  2. We will then contact the person you have referred and explain the appropriate service to him or her giving your reference.
  3. Once the person referred registers for the applicable service, we will inform you.
  4. On the 15th day from the day the person you referred makes the payment for the service purchased, we will send you your gift voucher.


Referral Program: Terms and Conditions


  1. This referral program is meant only for those students or their parents, who have availed the Admizzionz Campuz services in the past.
  2. It is also meant only in case of students who purchase either AdmissionAssist™ or StudentConnect™ with the reference of the student or parent who have availed the Admizzionz Campuz services in the past. In such a case, the person will be termed as referred successfully.
  3. In case more than one person refers the same student, the gift voucher will be given to the student or parent who was first to refer the student through the Refer Now link.
  4. In case the referred student registers for more than one service, the voucher will be given for the service that has a higher fee.
  5. In case the friend you’ve referred is already registered with Admizzionz Campuz previously, there won’t be any voucher given.
  6. The Amazon Gift voucher will become available for redemption 15 days from the date the referred student registers for either AdmissionAssist™ or StudentConnect™ by making the payment for the respective service.
  7. In case the student who has registered for AdmissionsAlert™ withdraws his registration within a week, then this program will no longer be valid. In such a case the gift voucher will not be given.
  8. The Amazon Gift voucher will be sent electronically on the email id provided by the referring student in the form.
  9. Only a student who has not availed of Admizzionz Campuz services can be referred.
  10. This validity of this referral program is till 31st December, 2020.