Engineering Degree: A Qualification for More Than Just an Engineering Career.

When you go in for an engineering degree, you expect to study about the branch of engineering you opted for. There are over 35+ branches of engineering you can opt for when you take up a B.Tech. or B.E. program. Once you finish your degree you expect to take up a job in your branch of specialization in the industry. These jobs can be in design and development, production, project management, product service and support and other areas related to engineering in the organization.
But your engineering education gives you many more skills which bring great value to everything you do professionally. Inherently, engineering education emphasizes logical thinking & reasoning, use of quantitative techniques, multi-disciplinary understanding, thoroughness in problem solving, active experimentation, hands-on experience and real-world application of learning.
These are core skills that are critical to all management and leadership roles in an organization. So, you find engineers able to perform functions such as public administration; management consulting; sales and marketing; financial management, general management. As a result, engineers can make several different careers in manufacturing, services and government sectors in functions that are not necessarily related to core engineering. An engineering degree therefore is a qualification for much more than just an engineering career.

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