Career and Admissions Counsellors


  • The primary responsibility is to interact with the parents and the students with an objective to help them identify the right career, right course and the right institutions and guide them through the admission process such that they are able to get admission into the best fit course and institution. The counsellors will also inform the students about the process followed at Admizzionz Campuz  and the services provided by Admizzionz Campuz.
  • The counsellor will be supported by an IT application which will shortlist the programs/courses/degrees based on the individual students choices and interests which is stated by the student or derived at the end of the career counselling process.
  • The counsellor has to ensure that the student profile and information is correctly entered so that the solution provided is a perfect match. For the short listed programs the IT application will then provide assistance in identifying the best fit colleges which is determined by the students academic scores as well other requirements like location, budget etc.


  • For the entire process the counsellor will be trained to skillfully handle the students and the parents.


  • The process requires maturity of the individuals to handle the students and the parents who would be going through lot of stress and anxiety because of the uncertainty, lack of clarity, information clutter and lack of it while trying to make the most important decision which could shape the direction of the career of the student.
  • Ability to empathise with the student and parents and ability to communicate effectively using data would be the key skills required for the role. Basic computer skills to handle the IT application would be desirable. However if the individual needs basic computer orientation training, the same will be provided.

Preferably: Female

Should be at least a Graduate

This is a full time role.

Experience of teaching or counselling or any other academic experience would be useful.


Nehru Place, New Delhi and Ashok Nagar, Chennai

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