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StudentConnect™ is a personalised service for identifying a student’s career inclinations using sophisticated assessment tools and translating them into right career decisions. This is done in consultation with their parents in sessions facilitated by Admizzionz Campuz counsellors face - to- face or over video conferencing. StudentConnect™ leverages vocational psychology findings that students formulate general career goals during the ages 15 and 18 years.

StudentConnect™ involves:

  • Assessment of student’s interests.
  • Identification of career options.
  • Analysis of career options.
  • Facilitation of career choices.
  • Selection of subject streams and courses.
  • Creation of action plans.


StudentConnect™ Benefits:

  • Sensitises the student to the impact pursuing interests seriously can have on future careers.
  • Helps selecting subject streams for class XII and graduate studies that are better aligned with career choices.
  • Gives an understanding of different career options and related work environments having greater chances of success.
  • Facilitates discovery of the qualities that will need to developed.
  • Provides an easy to understand, interpret and plan framework for career planning.
  • Helps gain insights that might not otherwise be recognised by the parents or the student.
  • Establishes a common ground for understanding the trends being followed by the younger generation.
  • Provides a direction for motivating, channelling and directing the education and extracurricular activities of the student.

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Register for Admission Assist™ service by 31st January and avail free career counseling session worth Rs. 2950 for a friend or relative studying in class X, XI or XII.