Career and College Admission Counselling Provided to Tata Power Sponsored Students

Admizzionz Campuz has finished a five month long project wherein it has provided career and college admission counselling to students sponsored by Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd (TPDDL). As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, TPDDL provides education support and a scholarship to needy and meritorious Scheduled Caste students at various government schools in Delhi. Under this project it selected 48 schools where:

  1. A workshop was conducted for all the students of classes X, XI and XII of the school wherein they were exposed to the different career options they had with both vocational and traditional education.
  2. Class XII students selected by Tata Power for award of scholarship were administered college admission counselling where they were engaged in a one-to-one personal counselling to help them identify their education paths after class XII.
  3. Career interest profiling was done of Class X students selected by Tata Power for award of scholarship, to identify their career options based on which one-to-one personal counselling of the students was done. The objective of this counselling was to provide them career directions and help them decide on subject streams and combination for classes XI and XII.

The project that started in August 2017 covered a total of 5320 students in the workshops, 329 class XII students and 222 class X students from 48 schools.