Career Counselling for Subject Choices at Birla Public School, Doha

Admizzionz Campuz conducted personalized career counselling sessions with students of class X and their parents at the Birla Public School, Doha in the month of November. These sessions focused on identifying the individual student’s career options and accordingly help them choose subject streams and combinations for class XI and XII.  Prior to conducting these sessions, Admizzionz Campuz had also conducted career interest profiling of each student to identify their career options.

Both the students and their parents participated in the sessions in which the students’ academic and extracurricular performance was reviewed to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This information was used along with their career interest profile to provide career direction for the future. Recommendations were also made on personal qualities and traits that could be developed in the students which would add to their strengths and support them in pursuing the career of their choice.