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Q 1.Why is your service needed when there are counsellors at school?

Most school counsellors cater to all the students and therefore the time they can commit to individual students will be limited. We complement the efforts of the school counsellor in researching career options, courses and colleges as well as providing admission assistance by ensuring adequate coverage for all students.

Q 2. How is the Admizzionz Campuz® service appropriate for the students?

The programme guides students in choosing career options based on their interests to provide a basis for further educational alternatives. It then supports them in gaining admission into a course and college that matches their performance, potential and interests. In this manner the Admizzionz Campuz® program provides students a complete solution to make the transition from school to college.

Q 3. Why should students need admission assistance from you when they know their performance and cut-offs?

There are over 600 courses and 33,000 colleges in India. Amongst them there is a wide variation in application, counselling and admission criteria from year to year. This may be seat allocation into quotas, definition of domicile, payment modes, documentation needed, eligible subject combinations and adjustment of the Class XII percentage for different subject combinations. This makes it very difficult for students and parents to track admission notices, information and documentation to accompany the application and admission counselling; and match options with criteria such as budget, location preference and job prospects. Even more difficult is assessing probability of success. Admizzionz Campuz® takes away this complexity and overhead from the students and parents.

Q 4. If students enroll for AdmissionAssist™, will you get them admission in the course and college of their choice?

Admizzionz Campuz® will guide the student using an extensive data base supported by an IT application to recommend a “Perfectly Matched” shortlist of courses and colleges where the probability of getting admission is significantly higher.

Q 5. What kind of universities, colleges and institutions does Admizzionz Campuz® recommend?

Admizzionz Campuz® recommends only those universities, colleges and institutions in India that are accredited by bodies such as UGC and AICTE or have been established under laws enacted by the central and state governments. These could be government, government-aided or private institutions.

Q 6. Is this a short cut to college admission?

No. Admizzionz Campuz® will not provide any shortcuts in gaining admission into a course and college. We will guide through the appropriate processes only.

Q 7. How can students stop worrying about where they can get admission?

Admizzionz Campuz® will create a short list of courses and colleges where the probability of success is significantly higher in consultation with the student and use it to track the admission process and milestones till admission is obtained.

Q 8. Will Admizzionz Campuz® fill up the forms; arrange the documentation and process to submit them on behalf of the students?

Admizzionz Campuz® will provide requisite support in terms of providing clarifications in filling the application forms and conducting due diligence on the completed application forms and accompanying documentation to ensure that they meet the specifications of the desired university or college.

Q 9. Does it mean spending lot of money on buying application forms and giving many entrance exams?

No. Admizzionz Campuz® helps students' focus on a few colleges after assessing the probability of gaining admission thereby limiting costs.

Q 10. Does Admizzionz Campuz® help students in getting scholarships and educational loans?

Yes. Admizzionz Campuz® will keep the students informed about the scholarships and other opportunities for financing being offered at the institution directly or through other agencies. Further, it will also assist the students in applying for those scholarships and other financing opportunities, provided they qualify for them.

Q 11. Does Admizzionz Campuz® organise campus tours and interactions for students interested in admission to a particular college?

Yes, wherever possible Admizzionz Campuz® does set up campus visits and interactions with the university or college representatives to enable students and their families to make their own assessments.

Q 12. Can students avail your services without visiting your office?

Yes. They can use video calling such as Skype to avail the service.

Q 13. Do students need a minimum percentage to avail the services of Admizzionz Campuz®?

No.We do not insist on any minimum percentage that a student should have obtained to avail of our services.

Q 14. Who all will use and access the student’s assessment and other background data?

Only the Admizzionz Campuz® advisors, students and their parents will have access to the assessment data. We keep complete confidentiality of the entire process and the data collected.

Q 15.Does Admizzionz Campuz® recommend books, study guides & materials and coaching centres to students?

Admizzionz Campuz® provides unbiased career counselling and admission assistance services without making any specific recommendations for any books, study guides & materials and coaching centres.

Q 16. Can Admizzionz Campuz® customize the solution for schools?

Yes. We can customize solutions depending on the need of the school.

Q 17. How does Admizzionz Campuz® give its services to school that are not in the area where it has its offices.

Admizzionz Campuz® may dedicate resources in a school or provide online services through video conferencing (like Skype) for students or families that are not able to come to our office.

Q 18. What involvement does Admizzionz Campuz® expect from the school?

We expect the school to schedule various sessions with the students for the smooth implementation of our services. In addition, the teachers will be expected to provide information about the students to give an all-round perspective on their performance and potential.

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